Proven Peptides Review | What Makes It The Best SARMs Seller In 2020?

What makes Proven Peptides an industry leader in the manufacture and distribution of quality SARMs? More importantly, how true are the company’s claims about the purity and quality of their SARMs?

On its website, Proven Peptides claims that their SARMs are unadulterated and that each batch manufactured in their labs is tested for purity and quality by third parties before hitting the market. It also offers a 100% money-back guarantee for all their SARMs. But how true is this and what is the consumer’s experience with the company?

In this guide, we look at how this distributor of “high-quality, American-made SARMs” seeks to influence the SARMs industry.

We start by taking a deeper understanding of the distributor.

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    About Proven peptides

    Proven Peptides is an American based SARMs manufacturer and distributor headquartered in Shallotte, North Carolina. The distributor is focused on stocking some of the most potent and hugely popular SARMs. These have gone on to become the most preferred supplements in the fitness and bodybuilding industries as well as performance enhancers for athletes.

    The SARMs manufacturer and distributor sets itself apart from competition primarily due to the levels of customer satisfaction and transparency offered by the company. Unlike other product manufacturers and distributors hiding behind the proprietary veil, Proven Peptides isn’t shy to share the most recent third-party test results detailing the purity and quality of their supplement. Not to mention it is one of the rare SARMs companies that have an ever-present customer support team.

    Selection of SARMs sold by Proven Peptides

    Interestingly, Proven Peptides doesn’t sell peptides but specializes in the production and distribution of SARMs. Here, you will find virtually all the most popular SARMs listed for sale making it a one-stop-shop for these non-toxic supplements. The products sold on the proven peptides website include:

    • Andarine
    • Cardarine
    • Ostarine
    • RAD – 140
    • Ligandrol
    • Nutrobal
    • Testolone
    • Stenabolic

    These SARMs are all available in different sizes and vary in both pricing and intended purpose.

    What are the pros and cons of Buying from this peptides vendor?
    The Pros
    • Sells and distributes all of the popular SARMs
    • The company maintains highly competitive prices for the different SARMs
    • Boasts of the fastest shopping for your purchases in the continental USA
    • Maintains a readily available and highly responsive customer support team
    • Will always present the users of different SARMs with the most recent third-party purity and quality test results
    • One may consider their product list of eight SARMs quite limited
    • Free shipping is only available for purchases above $99

    Quality of SARMs sold by proven peptides

    Whether you are just starting or are a regular SARMs user, you probably understand the importance of buying these products from a reputable dealer. The internet is rife with reported cases of SARMs distributors and sellers that lace these products with prohormones and other toxic substances.

    These additives often expose you to different short and long-term side effects that have adverse effects on your health. And by exposing you to these side effects, you effectively tear the safety net that SARMs have been associated with and make them no less than the harmful steroids.

    In providing this safety guarantee, Proven Peptides falls back to its unquestionable reputation and business ethics but also third-party reviews of its products. Since establishment, Proven Peptides has built a solid reputation based on quality products, excellent customer support, and fast shipping

    In addition to the reputation, the company claims that all their supplements undergo a thorough third party testing before distribution for public consumption. And they are not shy to publish the test results for every batch – tested for purity and quality.

    The buying and shipping process

    i. Buying:

    All of the products listed with Proven Peptides are available online for both local and international clients. And looking at their online shop, you will realize that virtually all the SARMs sold by Proven Peptides are available in three different sizes. These include the 15ml, 30ml, and 60ml bottles where the lowest priced SARM costs $34.99 and the highest $139.99. We also liked the fact that the supplement manufacturer and distributor has partnered with some of the most popular payment processing methods.

    Here you can pay via eCheck, major credit cards, major debit cards, and even cryptocurrency. The company further adds that you will only be billed once implying that there are no automated subscriptions.

    Note that Proven Peptides does not support PayPal payments because of PayPal’s unwillingness to work with biomedical companies.

    ii. Fast shipping:

    The company also takes pride in having one of the fastest shipping policy in the biochemical industry. And proven peptides credits this expedited shipping process to the fact that they start preparing the product for shipping as soon your payment is confirmed. This implies that the time it takes between sending the pay and receiving the product in your mail majorly depends on your preferred payment method.

    Crypto payments generally have the fastest shipping time given that the confirmation is almost immediate. The payment confirmation for debit and credit card payments is also near-instant implying that the company will start preparing your shipment immediately.

    How soon a shipment paid via eCheck or check gets to you is largely dependent on your bank’s internal processes and their speed in clearing checks. Most checks will, however, clear within 24-72 hours after which the company starts prepping your shipment delivery.

    iii. Refund policy:

    You will probably like the fact that all SARMs manufactured and distributed by Proven Peptides have a 90-day return policy. And this applies to both the local and international shipments. If you, for any reason, are dissatisfied with the SARM shipped to you, the company will take it back and offer you a full refund.

    There, however, are a few caveats to this Proven Peptides return policy. For instance, the refund doesn’t take into account shipping fees. For international shipments, Proven Peptides requires that you first familiarize yourself with your country’s drug and supplement laws and will, therefore, not issue a refund if the authorities at the port of entry confiscate the shipment.

    iv. Coupons:

    Proven Peptides runs different promotions and offers from time to time. It, therefore, isn’t surprising to find coupon codes on their website that give you access to generous discounts for specific products or their entire catalog. The best thing about these coupon codes and discount offers is that they aren’t restrictive or biased towards buyers from a specific location. Virtually any Proven Peptide from any part of the world can use them. Currently, however, Proven Peptides doesn’t have running offers or promotions save for their longstanding loyalty points program.

    Why the emphasis on quality SARMs?

    Free of additives: When buying your favorite SARMs, you want to be sure that they are pure and not laced with any toxic additives and prohormones. The certificate of analysis accompanying every batch produced and distributed by Proven Peptides, therefore, goes a long way in guaranteeing the safety of the said products.

    Side effects free: The reason most individuals turn to SARMs as their preferred weight management product is that they want to avoid the negative side effects that come with steroids. The quality and purity tests by Proven Peptides, therefore, assure that the SARM you are about to ingest is wholly pure and free of most side effects that are common with steroids.

    Achieve intended purpose: You will also want to ensure that the product you are about to consume is correctly formulated and contains all the essential elements that ensure it achieves its intended purpose.

    What we liked about Proven Peptides:

    • Great customer support:

    Proven Peptides doesn’t just have informed and highly responsive customer support. It is one of the few SARMs distributors with active phone support given that most companies prefer email and live chat options.

    • Website usability:

    We also liked the appeal and usability of the proven peptides website. We felt like most of its pages were neatly organized and easy to interact with, especially their online shop that has the Proven Peptides SARMs and their prices as the main highlights.

    • Transparency:

    Above all, we liked the level of transparency that the company has embraced throughput their website. In an industry where every drug and supplement manufacturer is hiding behind the ‘proprietary’ veil to keep key details about their products from the consumers, Proven Peptides has gone ahead to let independent third parties analyze their products and share the results publicly with their clients.

    What needs improvement?

    • Wider products selection:

    The only thing we felt Proven Peptides might need to work on is getting more SARMs on board. Currently, the company lists only eight SARM products that we feel may not be enough, especially for individuals that love stacking SARMs and others that want to try out different SARMs at different cycles.


    Going through the different parts of the Proven Peptides website, you get to understand why they remain the industry leaders. Not only do we find their products competitively priced, but we also believe that they maintain one of the best customer support team in the SARM industry. And these are then complemented by quick turnarounds in the shipping the products and partnership with several fast payment processing companies.

    Our verdict? It is our informed opinion that Proven Peptides is a legit and one of the best SARMs distributors around.


    Who is Proven Peptides?

    Proven Peptides is an American based SARMs distributor with its headquarters in Shallotte, North Carolina. It stands out in this industry due to its transparency where it shares with its product consumers the analysis results regarding the purity and quality of their SARMs.

    What SARMs can I buy from proven peptides?

    On the Proven Peptides, website, you can buy one of the eight most popular SARMs. Here you will get Andarine, RAD 140, Cardarine, Ligandrol, Nutrobal, Ostarine, Stenabolic, and Testolone.

    What makes Proven Peptides the best SARMs distributor in the US?

    Some of the primary reasons we consider Proven peptides one of the best SARMs distributors in the country include the fact that they support fast shipping, maintain competitive prices for their products and are quite transparent about the quality and purity of their SARMs.

    Does Proven Peptides offer discounts on purchases?

    Yes, the SARMs distributor runs different offers and promotions from time to time. And apart from this, it has an active loyalty points reward system that awards their product consumers with Peptide Points for completing different tasks. For instance, when you create a user account you will receive 10 peptide points while liking and sharing their social media pages or leaving a review on their website after a product purchase earns you 50 points. These can then be redeemed in their online store for cash credit where 10 peptide points = $1.

    Is Proven Peptides legit?

    Yes, we consider proven peptides a legit SARMs distributor because of the following reasons. First, all the products sold on their online store are American-made in FDA-inspected labs. Before distribution to the public, independent third party analysts also subject these products to a thorough analysis for purity and quality and the results shared publicly on the distributor’s website.

    Can I return SARMs I bought from Proven Peptides?

    Yes, Proven Peptides maintains an attractive return policy that makes it possible for you to return any of the products bought on their online store within 90 days. This applies to both local and international shipments subject to a few caveats explained on their website. Upon confirmation of the returned products, Proven Peptides will issue a full refund of the purchase amounts but not the shipment fees.

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