Omega XL Review 2020 | Effective Chronic Pain Relief?

Omega XL – Natural, Healthy and Painless

Constant pain in any area of the body is a nightmare, let us see if we finally have a solution…

Perna canaliculus, the green-lipped mussel, harvested from the cleanest, freshest waters on earth in New Zealand, is the magic behind the Omega XL formula. joint pain relief omega xlIt is only people who have suffered from sports injuries, rheumatoid arthritis, chronic pain from fibromyalgia, MPS (Myofascial Pain Syndrome), inflammation of the joints and so the list goes on, who understand what it means when a company says: “We have the cure for the pain that you feel”.

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    What is Omega XL?

    Omega XL is the ultimate solution for those suffering from chronic pain of varying kinds.

    Omega XL bottlesThe masterminds behind Omega XL are Miles Dupree and Ken Meares. The motivation behind the product, Omega XL, is not known, except that they had a dream to find a solution for the vast amount of people who suffer from chronic pain and inflammation around the world.

    They founded Omega XL and they chose to source the fatty acids that we will discuss below from the cleanest and least polluted area on the planet, New Zealand.

    The source of the product is the reason behind the seemingly high price tag on it. It is a fact that with quality one will pay the extra amount. The fact of the matter is that either you consume fish with a high quantity of the fatty acids described below, twice a week or more, or you invest in a permanent supplement such as Omega XL.

    Note: Even if you have been suffering from chronic pain for a prolonged period and you have seemingly tried everything, it can still be tough to naturally fit those essential fatty acids required into your diet. The guys behind Omega XL recognized this and came up with their very own solution.

    Before we go into the science behind the origin and the ingredients and their benefits, let us look at the pros and cons of the ground-breaking pain relief solution that is Omega XL.

    What are the pros and cons of Omega XL
    The Pros
    • It contains two extremely necessary fatty acids that the body simply cannot do without and that do not occur naturally within the human body. Then another 30 others to boot.
    • The source of the Omega XL is the green-lipped mussel from New Zealand, meaning there are no poison or pollutants when harvesting the ingredients.
    • Is said to heal joint pain, stiffness, and continual aching.
    • Contains no proteins making it safe for anyone with shellfish allergies.
    • 90-Day money-back Guarantee.
    Cons of Omega XL
    • The auto-shipping procedure is a logistical nightmare if you choose to cancel your subscription.
    • Seems to be a little more pricey than other fish supplements.

    What are the Key Ingredients in Omega XL?

    There are 30 fatty acids contained in the Omega XL and of those 2 of them are named on the product, they do not, however, provide the exact quantities. We will discuss the two main fatty acids now:

    • EPA (Eicosapentaenoic Acid)

    EPA is a fatty acid usually found in salmon, whale blubber, tuna, mackerel, and other fish. EPA is a vital component in the fight against heart disease, Alzheimers, Schizophrenia, Diabetes, Depression, Lung Disease, Menstruation problems and thousands of other ailments. It is also used extensively in the treatment of high blood pressure during pregnancy.

    It is unwise to ingest more than 3g per day and the only known side effects if a higher dose is taken are heartburn, nausea and possible nose bleeds. EPA is a necessity in the body and so long as the prescribed dosage is followed there should be no cause for concern.

    • DHA (Docosahexaenoic Acid)

    DHA is also prevalent in many oily fish such as salmon. On its own, DHA is excellent at promoting eye health and it improves overall brain function dramatically. It has been found that DHA combats and calms ADHD (Attention deficit Hypertension Disorder) patients. It has found that because the brain function is drastically improved due to the increased blood flow to the brain, mental tasks become easier and the calmness is increased in the person.

    The main purpose of Omega XL is the fact that DHA is excellent at supporting overall muscle recovery. It is an ongoing scientific study to see how prevalent DHA is in curing certain cancers.

    How to Take Omega XL

    omega xl pills i. If you weigh over 45kgs, take two pills a day. If you weigh under 45kgs, you need only take one.

    ii. Simply keep taking your one to two Omega XL capsules per day with plenty of water.

    iii. Should you miss a dose, take the next one as soon as you remember, unless it’s within an hour of the next dose. In this case, simply skip the missed dose and continue with the next. Do not take a double dose.

    N.B. You should always speak to your doctor about taking Omega XL as all supplements should be disclosed and possibly allergies discussed.

    How much does Omega XL cost and where can you purchase it?

    The original intention of the Great HealthWorks Company that supplies the Omega XL was to formulate a product that would reduce inflammation with incredible results.

    What they formulated, in the end, was Omega XL.

    The product can be purchased in two ways off the official Great HealthWorks Website:

    1. $62.40 + Shipping and Handling Fees – This option is for 1 Bottle of 60 Tablets of Omega XL.
    2. $49.95 + Shipping and Handling Fees – This option is a Buy one Get one FREE. The continuation of the subscription to Omega XL is followed with option one.

    It is also available for purchase from Amazon and Walmart.

    Who is Omega XL product for?

    Omega XL is made for anyone suffering from joint problems, in particular, chronic joint pain. Those seeking to dramatically reduce inflammation in the joints should try taking this product.

    What precautions should you take?

    Simply make sure that the product is in date and that you have no allergies to it. Then you can begin taking the allotted dosage for your weight, each day with plenty of water.

    Omega XL Reviews and Complaints 

    Omega XL Review The auto-shipping process can be a bit of a nightmare, should you wish to cancel your orders. The product is also pricey, so if you’re a bit short of cash, you may have to look at doing this, unfortunately.

    The company does, however, have an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and those who have found it to work have found it very effective indeed. Arthritic joints are more lubricated and inflammation reduced. When these users run out or have a few weeks off from taking the product due to its hefty price tag, they found that the symptoms returned. Once they started taking it again, comfort levels returned, so they really are true advocates!

    Those who are not so satisfied, however, state that they, “didn’t notice any results whatsoever in the 3 weeks I took it and it is very expensive.” or, “suggest to not waste your money.

    Our Verdict

    By combining the two main ingredients in Omega XL, namely DHA and EPA, we find a super combination of muscle and joint care. The two combined form an unstoppable anti-inflammatory and provide soothing body care for any lingering pain. These two fatty acids are more than an option for relieving pain; they should be a permanent supplement in all individuals on earth.

    Our answer is a resounding yes, not only due to the necessity of this product but also because of the healthy source whence it comes. You must decide though if you are prepared to give your body what it needs on a permanent basis.


    How do you take Omega XL?

    Omega XL capsules are to be taken orally, with water, with dosage according to your bodyweight.

    Who are the target customers?

    Omega XL is for anyone experiencing inflammatory joint pain and those wishing to improve their joint function and mobility.

    How should you store Omega XL?

    It should be kept in a cool, dry, dark environment.

    Are there any side effects?

    There are a few potential side effects, but first and foremost, you must ensure you have no allergies. Possible side effects include high blood sugar, decreased clotting, diarrhoea, low blood pressure, acid reflux, and insomnia.

    What are the active ingredients this product?

    The product contains 30 fatty acids from the green-lipped mussel oil extract. Principally, these are monounsaturated olive oil, Perna Canaliculus proprietary oil extract,  and Vitamin E.

    Where can I purchase Omega XL?

    Omega XL is available to purchase from the Omega XL Great HealthWorks website, as well as various approved outlets such as Amazon, and Walmart.

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      Omega XL is an awesome product for all ages. I am a bodybuilding fanatic and as they say, no pain no gain. This is what we bodybuilders believe in but when it pains in the muscles, it creates a stir in the body. I picked up Omega XL after reading its reviews and God I was so right. This product is seamless when it comes to healing pain inside out. The ingredients of this product make it even for people of all ages.

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      With the increasing age, I started having muscle aches and stiffness in my body. At first, I ignored all of it like the masses do but then when it got severe, I had to eat a lot of pain relievers before I got introduced to Omega XL by one of my friends. At the age of 50, I feel great because of this product. Thank you so much for creating this absolute cure.

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