Ellen DeGeneres Keto | Did She Really Try It?

There’s a big deal circling the internet all about Ellen Degeneres’ keto diet. Apparently, she endorses keto pills and embraces the keto diet.  

But the whole thing seems a little sketchy to us. Not least because Ellen doesn’t look like she needs to ‘diet’ for weight loss, and we haven’t seen any evidence of her needing to follow the keto diet for health reasons.  

Is it possible that Ellen DeGeneres Keto diet could be for fitness and athletic performance perhaps?

We set out to discover whether the whole Ellen DeGeneres keto thing is fact or fiction. Here’s what we found.

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    Ellen DeGeneres Keto Diet Pills Which Are Her Preferred Brand?

    We found that many people were searching online to understand what keto pills Ellen was taking to support her keto diet. 

    Most people wanted to know what the exact keto pills Ellen takes, we guess that it’s because they want to purchase some keto pills they can trust.  

    The problem was, their searches did not go to plan – even if they didn’t realise it!  

    Instead, people seeking to understand which keto diet pill Ellen DeGeneres endorses fall  into the hands of scammers online.  

    Here’s what went down…

    If you do searches online such as: ‘‘Ellen Degeneres keto diet’ or ‘Ellen DeGeneres Keto Diet Pills’ you’ll find plenty of websites that appear to discuss Ellen’s keto diet.  

    But when you click or look closer, you’ll discover that all isn’t quite as it seems. Despite having different URLs, most of them turn up the same landing page which appears to be a Fox News article all about ‘skinny pills’ and why every judge on Shark Tank backs them. 

    Of course this is all untrue, and has nothing to do with Ellen. 

    Eventually, if you make your way to the bottom of the sales page you have landed on, you’ll find a link to some keto pills.  Which, due to the deceptive advertising we would not recommend you buy – at least not from that source.  

    We found over half a dozen of these sites easily before we stopped searching.  All with the same landing page, and all seeming to be coming from un-related URLs. 

    It was enough to understand what was happening here.  

    They are scam links. 

    For what purpose we don’t know for sure, but we can assume it’s to try to get you to buy the keto pills advertised. We didn’t stick around long enough to figure it out properly. 

    But we can verify that in some cases it appears as though whoever is doing this may have ‘hijacked’ several legitimate-looking website URLs. So we don’t advise clicking on any of these links!  

    There is a product promoted on these sites, but if you

     think these keto pills are endorsed by Ellen, Shark Tank or anybody else featured on this site for that matter, you will be disappointed.  

    We don’t know for sure if you’d receive the goods, or the product you thought you were getting if you purchase from these pages.  Our recommendation?  Stay well clear.  

    Aside from these shady looking websites, we found nothing else to tell us that Ellen DeGeneres ‘Keto’s’.

    Does Ellen DeGeneres Keto Diet?

    But we did discover the Ellen does follow a diet, but it’s not a Keto diet. She follows a vegan diet and avoids sugar. Which tells us that she does not keto, she hasn’t used keto pills and she doesn’t endorse the keto diet because how can she if she doesn’t follow it?!

    Ellen DeGeneres keto rumours are untrue and could be a scam.   

    Ellen DeGeneres and Keto Clarity – What Happened?

    These sites could all exist because they are capitalising on the fact that the whole Ellen DeGeneres keto gate is true..  

    To help you get some clarity about Ellen DeGeneres and her relationship with the keto diet, we discovered that back in January 2019 she did perform a comedy sketch about dieting. Part of that sketch referred to keto diets.  

    Could this sketch have given birth to the whole Ellen DeGeneres Keto scam? We are not sure, but it certainly seems coincidental.  

    During the short sketch Ellen had this to say: 

    “The popular diet this year is the keto, do you know about the keto diet?  Everyone knows about it … 

    … It sounds like it’s a DJ in Las Vegas, so is also cool. 

    But basically, when you’re on the keto diet your supposed to get 80% of your calories from fat.  I’m sure you know this because you knew about the diet and it works for some people. Not everyone should do it.  

    If you have kidney or liver problems, or if you don’t want to sweat butter  …”

    So, we can safely assume that Ellen is not following a keto diet. 

    Is Ellen DeGeneres Keto Perspective True?

    Now we may be biased in answering this because we’ve seen and continue to see many people losing weight with a keto diet combined with keto pills.  

    We realise that Ellen is joking in her sketch, but it shouldn’t put anybody off from considering whether a Keto Diet is for them. While some people find the keto diet easy to follow, others don’t. 

    In some cases, keto pills help those who struggle to find the motivation to succeed, but there will always be some people who don’t align with a keto diet, and that’s ok. Those that do align with keto, have a healthy diet which is often encouraged by medical professionals, and they can enhance their success by taking keto pills to support their efforts.  

    A Simple Keto Diet Plan Is All You Need

    The Keto Diet is a high fat, low carb diet. It puts the body into a state of ketosis, which is the optimal state for burning fat that already exists in your body. 

    But you don’t have to take our word for it – science backs it too!

    If you are a keto diet beginner then you’ll probably find this article about how to create your own keto diet plan from Healthline handy. It explains what foods you should consider and how much you should have. It also shows you what foods you should avoid.

    The Benefits of Following A Keto Diet

    Easy To Follow 

    Once you understand the basic principles of the keto diet, it’s easy to follow, and the food is easy to prepare too. This diet also reduces cravings and increases energy, especially if you support it with keto pill pills (discussed further in this article).  

    Plenty of Health Benefits 

    Aside from the health benefits you’ll gain from losing weight, you also reap these benefits too:

    • Improves heart health
    • Reduced the risk of cancer
    • Clears up acne
    • May protect brain function 

    Increased Energy

    You’ll naturally feel more energetic while on the keto diet because you are improving your physique. But if you incorporate keto pills into your diet too, the additional ketones in your body will fuel your brain and give you more mental energy too. And because the ingredients are natural (in good quality keto pills), there is no risk in taking them either.  

    As long as you take them correctly and with the proper diet. 

    Improves A Variety of Health Conditions

    The keto diet can have benefits for a wide variety of different health conditions such as:

    • Heart disease
    • Cancer
    • Alzheimer’s disease
    • Epilepsy
    • Parkinson’s disease.
    • Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome

    Keto Pills – How Do They Support Weight Loss?

    Keto pills fast track your weight loss by supporting the body to reach and maintain a state of ketosis fast. 

    Keto pills also have other benefits, too, such as:

    • Improving focus, clarity and mental energy
    • Managing anxiety
    • Enhancing athletic performance

    If you want to begin your keto diet success story, here are three premium keto products to help get you started. 

    Keto BodyTone

    These keto pills use exogenous ketones and MCTs, which reduce cholesterol. They are packed with organic and antioxidant-rich herbs which are all of significant nutritional benefit to your health and wellbeing. 

    The ketone source comes from BHB salts. BHB salts are one of the most popular sources of ketones because they are so effective.  

    Keto Boost

    Containing BHB (Beta-hydroxybutyrate) a friend of the brain, since it supports brain function. Beta-hydroxybutyrate assists body repair reduces inflammation and minimises stress as well as helping you to reach and retain ketosis for a long time. 

    Keto Burn Xtreme

    Keto Burn Xtreme contains BHB salts, calcium and potassium, all fantastic sources of food for the brain and for creating ketones, which are the secrets to fat-burning success.  

    These keto pills are natural and vegan too.  

    Ellen DeGeneres Keto

    The whole story about Ellen DeGeneres and her Keto Diet appears to be fake news. While the keto diet is a healthy diet, especially for people who have a lot of weight to lose, Ellen does not follow it.

    Ellen DeGeneres Keto Diet Pills - Which Pills Does She Take

    Ellen does not follow the keto diet and doesn’t take the keto diet pills either. Keto pills should be taken alongside a healthy keto diet, to support it.

    Ellen DeGeneres Keto Clarity: What’s the truth?

    While the keto diet is a great diet, we did not find any evidence that Ellen follows the Keto Diet. Though she did perform a comedy sketch which seems to be where the idea originated from.

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