Plexaderm Review 2020 | Does Plexaderm work and where do you buy it?

If you take a close look at aging people, you will notice some bags under their eyes. These resemble swellings, and they occur as a result of the weakening of tissues. Your eyes have got fat around them. This fat supports the eyes.

As you advance in years, the fat moves from the upper eyelids to the lower ones. The effect is a puffy appearance. In some cases, there is an accumulation of fluid, resulting in enhanced swelling. This is where Plexaderm comes in – to reverse the process.

Despite not being a sign of any medical condition, having eye bags can be a cause of concern.

To improve your appearance, you need to find some remedy. At times, the puffiness is persistent and becomes a bother.

Many people consider undergoing surgery. Sometimes, doctors may also recommend injections. However, both options are painful.

Thankfully, Plexaderm helps reduce these swellings and restores your skin, leaving you looking young again.

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Table of Content

    What Is Plexaderm?

    Officially going by the name Plexaderm Rapid Reduction Cream PLUS, Plexaderm helps reduce under-eye swellings. The product is in cream form and works best on dry skin.

    You only need to apply a small amount; a half pea-size portion is usually enough.

    Apply and allow about ten minutes for the cream to settle. If you are applying make-up, Plaxerderm should come first. Allow ten minutes before the make-up.

    On the other hand, if you are using a moisturizing cream on your skin, give it an allowance of 15 minutes after applying Plexaderm.

    We also suggest that, if using a blow drier to speed up your skin drying, adjust it to low settings.

    In the review, we shall unpack the product in every conceivable way. By the time you finish, we hope that you will now proceed to purchase Plexaderm as an informed consumer.

    Note: Sagging under the eyes coupled with wrinkles, are specific ways people can tell that you are aging fast. But this doesn’t have to be always the case, as there are quality products in the market to curb this.
    What are the pros and cons of using Plexaderm
    The Pros
    • The product works within minutes, usually 10 minutes
    • You can use it on any skin type
    • Signs of aging start disappearing a few days after the first application
    • The company accepts refunds one month after purchase
    • If used in excess, the silicate compounds can pull the skin tightly
    • Some of the ingredients used have little known scientific back-up to support the said effects
    • The cream leaves behind an annoying white residue

    How does Plexaderm work?

    Before delving into the details of the working nature of this cream, we must first understand the causes of under-eye bags and wrinkles.

    The leading cause is, of course, aging, but there is more. Your skin contains elastin and collagen. These two are responsible for keeping your skin firm and elastic.

    Collagen is a protein and forms 80 percent of the inner surface (the dermis). It keeps your skin firm.

    Even without the knowledge and skills of a dermatologist, you can almost guess the role of elastin.

    Anyway, we shall help make your guess simpler by stating that elastin is the substance that makes your skin stretch and regain its composure.

    The two main ingredients, the silicates of magnesium and sodium, hold the key to understanding the way Plexaderm works.

    Sodium silicate is like glue on your skin. Once it dries, it leaves behind a thin film that contracts the skin.

    Similarly, when you apply the cream to the eye bags, it causes the skin to tighten temporarily. You can also think of it as an adhesive that pulls the skin, causing the eye bags to tighten.

    On its part, magnesium aluminum silicate acts as a filler.

    Imagine that you want to repaint your room. Before you apply a coat of paint, you must fill the cracks. Doing so ensures that both the undercoat and subsequent applications result in a smooth surface all around. The same case applies to magnesium aluminum silicate. It fills-up the wrinkles making them look even.

    How to use Plexaderm

    i. Prepare your skin

    Before applying Plexaderm, you must ensure that there are no skincare product remnants. Using water and facial soap, wash your face correctly. Also, remember to clean your hands thoroughly. After that, dry off both your hands and face using a towel.

    ii. Prime the Plexaderm tube

    Take the bottle out of its container and place it on your dressing table. After removing its cap, push the pump firmly downwards. Continue applying this pressure until you see the cream flowing out. Once you dispense a fair amount of the product, stop pumping and replace the cap. Ordinarily, you only need to use a pea-sized amount of Plexaderm.

    iii. Apply the cream

    With the product now on your fingers, apply it in the puffy areas and other sections. Make finger strokes upward then outward. Avoid bringing the product into contact with your eyes. Keep going until the cream blends into your skin.

    iv. Allow setting

    You must now wait for between five to ten minutes while Plexaderm cream gets to work. Even though you can wait for five minutes, we recommended ten. As you wait, do not move your muscles, smile or talk. Once the time is up, you may now relax.

    v. Reapply if no results

    If there are no results after the first ten minutes, repeat steps three and four again. However, you only need the second time application when it is necessary. Always store the bottle containing the product at room temperature.

    What are Plexaderm Ingredients?

    Plexaderm contains the following ingredients:

    • Magnesium aluminum silicate
    • Sodium silicate
    • Water
    • Ethylhexyglycerin
    • Cellulose gum
    • Yellow 5 (CI 19140)
    • Red 40 (CI 16035)
    • Phenoxyethanol

    Magnesium aluminum and sodium silicate are the main ingredients, extracted from shale clay. Of these two components, Sodium silicate has other commercial uses, like the manufacture of detergent.

    It also helps in balancing the PH levels. You will find it in skin and hair care products. In cement, Sodium silicate inhibits corrosion. Magnesium aluminum silicate, or purified clay, acts as a facial oil absorbent.

    Cellulose gum is a thickener mainly used in food products. Manufacturers of low-fat foods use cellulose gum to make the products feel creamy and thick.

    As an additive, Cellulose gum helps bind water, stabilize foam, and improve the overall texture. In Plexaderm, the ingredient helps thicken your skin.

    Despite appearing naturally in green tea, researchers also create Phenoxyethanol in their laboratories.

    Other than working as a preservative, this ingredient helps keep bacteria away. Ethylhexyglycerin is also a preservative, but in our case, its primary purpose is that of a skin conditioner. In short, the compound moisturizes the skin and keeps it elastic.

    However, the effects of Plexaderm are only temporary. You need to use it daily and, in some cases, several times a day.

    Plexaderm Reviews and Complaints

    Past Plexaderm users agree that the product delivers the promised results. It indeed removes the under-the-eye puffiness. Some customers gave accounts of having used the cream for one year and went ahead to share positive reviews.

    They corroborated claims that you notice the results a short while after applying the cream on your skin. One user attributed the inclusion of a male model’s photo as the reason her husband started using Plexoderm.

    On the other hand, we noticed that most users apply the product daily if not regularly.

    Besides, users said that they were impressed with the packaging. Most reviews observed that users complained about the white residue. Fortunately, the complaint was not about the waste having a negative effect. Many felt that having such on your face was annoying.

    We liked the feedback from a user in Wood Dale, Illinois who stated that he had been dieting before he came across the product.

    He had lost some weight as a result of the program. Weight loss led to the development of under the eye bags. As a result, he did not feel confident in the eyes of the public.

    He thought that one would think he had been on a weeklong party. After ordering the product, he used it immediately. Shortly after that, he could step out without feeling embarrassed.

    Unfortunately, there are a few complaints. What caught our attention was one from a user who cited non-performance. After applying the product and following instructions to the letter, nothing happened.

    The user tried again, this time after washing their face using soap and water before drying it. Upon repeating the process on the following day, there was still no change.

    We noted that most customers gave positive reviews for the product. For a company that has not been in the skincare industry for a long time, more positive remarks portray a good sign.

    By and large, the company has provided scant information about the research behind their product. We observed that the company had presented the results of clinical trials. However, these lack credibility. All we can hope is that as time goes, we can get clinical results from independent third parties.

    How much does Plexaderm cost, and where can I buy it?

    A 5ml pack retails for $59.95, but you will need to top-up to cater for shipping costs. Of course, the packaging is not restricted to 5ml only. There are other variants available, and you can find them on the company’s website.

    A bottle will last you a month at most. However, there are other alternatives to ensure that you do not run out of product. Here are the options:

    • Buy two bottles and get one free at $119.50 with no shipping costs; with this option, you will have cream to last for 90 days
    • Buy four bottles and get an additional two for free at $199.80; this pack will last for 180 days

    You can buy Plexaderm at the manufacturer’s official website. This is the only source where you are certain of procuring a genuine product. The company also has a refund policy and a 30-day guarantee for refunds. Alternatively, you may source at Amazon, Walgreens or Walmart but with no refund guarantee.

    We would not hesitate to say that Plexaderm is slightly expensive in comparison to competitor products. Nonetheless, if most of the users achieve the desired results, then the aspect of the cost would not arise.

    On the other hand, since the company has not conducted third-party clinical trials, they cannot justify the high cost of the product. Besides, the ingredients are readily available and used widely by other industries. We only hoped that the manufacturers would have added state-of-the-art peptides to justify the cost further.

    At the same time, Plexaderm contains preservatives that cause skin irritation. Users have also complained of allergies. Metal compounds, i.e., sodium and magnesium, can be harsh to people with sensitive skin. Having considered all the above, we cannot authoritatively say whether users have gotten real value for money.

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    Skincare products do not all work in the same way. You need to try Plexaderm out and see its outcome. Only then can you know whether to proceed or stop its usage. Luckily, we have reviewed the product for you, meaning that you will not be shopping for the anti-aging cream blind.

    For a skincare product to produce results, several factors come into play. These include your skin type, proper use of the commodity, and whether you have an allergic skin or not. Therefore, before experimenting with Plexaderm, we would advise that you consult a dermatologist. That way, you get to know your skin type, whether it is dry, normal, or oily.


    How do you use Plexaderm?

    The application of the cream is quite simple. Shake the tube properly before uncapping and removing the white tip. Turn the applicator from locked to the unlocked position. Push and dispense a little cream, just the size of a pea. Using upward and outward motion, gently apply the product around the area with sags. Continue until you feel that the cream is fully absorbed.

    Are there any side effects?

    Some users have complained of allergic reactions. However, these effects do at times occur as a result of wrong application. Always follow the instructions on the product.

    What active ingredients does the product have, and are they effective?

    The main compounds in Plexaderm are magnesium, sodium, and aluminum silicate. These are abundantly available minerals that act as oil absorbents and PH level regulators. However, the product does not include the ratios of these ingredients rendering it difficult to tell about their effectiveness.

    For how long can the effects of the cream last?

    If you applied Plexaderm correctly and were careful to prep your face, the cream can last for eight hours. Remember to clean up your face and dry it off with a towel before applying the product. Also, wait for 5-10 minutes after application to give the product time to set.

    Does applying Plexoderm restrict you from using makeup?

    The answer is both yes and no. If you are using liquid products for makeup, desist from applying this on areas with Plexaderm. Doing so makes the cream less effective. However, powder-based products are excellent and recommended for maximum results.

    How do you store your cream after use?

    Each time you finish using Plexoderm, replace the cap tightly. Keep the product in a secure place, away from children. Always store the product under room temperature conditions.

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    About Dr John

    Dr John Apolzan is a medical professional with over 10 years experience in nutrition holding a PhD in Foods and Nutrition at Purdue University, IN, USA. Dr John is a published medical author and his work has been published on a number of medical publications including BMJ and His clinical research specialises in investigating nutrition-related medical conditions from obesity down to eating disorders like anorexia and bulimia. He has carried out extensive research into how food supplements can enhance and help to sustain weight loss in patients. His passion for nutrition has led Dr John to start this website in order to spread his knowledge and help other individuals in their weight loss journey.

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    1. Noah

      I am an internet freak and a night owl. I work all night long to ensure my family eats and lives well. Recently, my mother asked me if I have any eyesight problems and as I am sure about not having any difficulty in my sight, I nodded. She told me about my swollen eyes and I noticed them too. I ordered Plexaderm to counter this issue and till now, it has been two months, it works really well and in minutes.

    2. Hunter

      Swollen eyes are one of the most common problems amongst us, the youngsters. Courtesy, Instagram, Facebook, Youtube and who can forget Snapchat or Netflix. My eyes started looking like a zombie and one of my best mates suggested Plexaderm to me. Well, this product is magic and works in minutes. I can count on it whenever I have to go out on an occasion or wherever I need to look perfect.

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