Keto Shred Review 2020 | Is It Worth The Hype?

The good thing about Keto Shred, aside from the fat-burning effects and excess energy is that it is owned and developed by a reputable brand – Sparta Nutrition (which is always a good sign).  

This particular product is a supplement made by Sparta to block carbs. It’s one of the first powdered ketone-friendly fat burners that assist with your weight loss goals and in particular, makes it easier for you to follow your keto diet. 

In other words, it’s a ketogenic fat burner which maximises your metabolism by using your body fat for fuel and putting your body into ketosis.  

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What is Keto Shred?

It’s a fat burner, formulated with exogenous ketones and uses the exogenous ketone Beta-Hydroxybutyrate Salts as one of the key players in its fat shredding formula.  

There are three types of exogenous ketones, all three types use body fat to feed on. Burning fat away as it gets to work and turning that into energy rather than using glucose. This fat-burning state is also known as ‘ketosis’.   

Beta-Hydroxybutyrate Salts (BHB Salts), as a general rule, are more effective at getting the body into ketosis than the other two ketones.  

What are the benefits of Keto Shred?

There are many benefits of using this particular keto formula, the makers of the product claim that it:

  • Boosts metabolism
  • Burns fat
  • Simplifies your ketogenic diet. 

It’s also:

  • Plant Based
  • Gluten Free
  • Vegan
  • GMP Certified [/su_list

In using these keto pills, you’ll discover that you can:

  • Find your way to ketosis quickly and stay there.

This product outperforms other products because the formula includes advanced ingredients like Nutriana Keto BHB. This patented ingredient becomes a direct source of energy for your muscles and brain. 


  • Stay in ketosis

The advanced ingredients in this formula are crafted carefully to bring you maximum performance and help you stay in ketosis longer. They are also formulated to assist in suppressing appetite and creating bundles of energy. 

  • Clarity and energy from the start

One of the challenges you face when you begin a keto diet is the onslaught of fatigue, mental cloudiness and cravings for carbs. Of course, all of these issues will pass as your body and mind adjust to their new diet. But the beginning can also be a time when most people give up too.  

This product will support you during this phase by boosting your energy and helping you to burn fat faster. Bringing you better results quicker and confirming that the keto diet, combined with Keto Shred, is working well for you. 

  • Transparent brand

The brand’s philosophy is to provide the best products they can find from nature and to then back them up by research and science. They enjoy empowering people to live happy, healthy and enriched lives by providing products to assist their customers with their goals and by creating products they are proud of.

Keto Shred is made in the USA and is also suitable for anybody on a gluten-free diet.

How does Keto Shred work?

It works by increasing blood ketone levels and mimicking what happens when your body goes into ketosis when you follow a keto diet.  Taking Keto Shred can supplement and simplify your diet process. 

Ketosis and ketones are natural.  The mimicking we refer to does not occur through trickery. This product simply fast-tracks the fat burning process by increasing ketone levels, and it’s the increased ketone levels that do the magic! 

In one study, a participants blood ketone levels increased by over 300% with 12 grams of ketone salts like those used in Keto Shred. There are two different ways to take Keto Shred - in the form of pills and drops.

Keto Shred Pills

Are the most common way to take Keto Shred. You simply take one a day before food with water. In the same way you’d take any other pill.

Keto Shred Capsules

Keto Shred capsules are the same as the pills. It’s just that some people call them different names.

Keto Shred Drops

If you don’t enjoy taking pills, or if they are inconvenient you can take keto drops instead. Keto Shred Drops are also available.

Keto drops do the same thing as keto pills it’s just a different way to take in the ketones.

What are the ingredients in Keto Shred?

The ingredients in this ketogenic supplement include:

  • GoBHB Salts

The BHB salts used in Keto Shred are advanced and are what triggers the body into using ketones for fuel. BHB Salts are one of the ingredients responsible for accelerating fat burning during physical activity and for providing vital energy for your mind and body. 

Is another exogenous ketone responsible for aiding in the fast digestion of fatty acids that give the body increased energy. It’s an energy boost, but it also increases focus and alertness for long periods.

  • Caffeine

Assists in boosting energy, and increasing alertness. Caffeine enhances ketone effects in the body and further boosts ketosis. 

  • Sensoril Ashwagandha

A natural source of energy without the stimulants.  Sensoril Ashwagandha is believed to reduce cortisol, de-stress the body and reduce anxiety.  It also has a reputation for enhancing strength performance, increase testosterone levels, and for improving glucose metabolism.  It also clears your mind and primes you for training.  
  • L-Theanine

If you are aware of the slimming benefits of green tea then this ingredient will appeal to you.  It’s the reason why green tea helps people lose weight. L-theanine is an amino acid and it’s difficult to get from food, in fact the only known source of this acid is from green or black tea.  

So what’s the benefit of L-Theanine in keto pills?  

Well studies have shown that it decreases anxiety improves mental cognition and helps you sleep well. 

  • InnoSlim

A natural ingredient which supports long-term weight loss.  Reported benefits include; reduced appetite, decreased glucose absorption in the gut, enhanced fat burning, and encourages fatty acid breakdown.  InnoSlim also enhances bone strength.  
  • Grains of Paradise

Another potent ingredient, which enhances metabolism, promotes weight loss and improves brain function.  It’s also a stimulant and increases energy. 

How to use Keto Shred

Keto Shred is a simple pill that should be taken 20 – 30 minutes prior to a meal.  But it should also be taken with the correct ketogenic diet and with exercise too.  

If you don’t use keto pills correctly, you may reduce the results you see. It’s important to remember that these pills are designed to support a ketogenic diet, not as fast track pills for losing weight on their own. 

How Much Does Keto Shred Cost?

The cost of Keto Shred may vary depending on where you purchase them from but you can expect to pay around $17.95 for 60 pills.

Side Effects of Keto Shred

Keto Shred uses premium, all-natural ingredients which have not shown any side effects in any studies we’ve reviewed so far. 

However, while the keto diet doesn’t have many side effects, there are still some side effects that can arise from:

  • Dieting excessively
  • The way that you take the pills, and push your body 
  • If you implement a poor diet. 

Typical side effects arising from Keto Diets can be:

  • Gastric distress Excessive thirst.
  • Fatigue
  • Hunger
  • Frequent urination
  • Constipation
  • Irritability
  • Lightheadedness or shakiness.

Keto Shred Shark Tank, Is It True?

No Keto Shred didn’t feature on Shark Tank.  No keto products have ever featured on Shark Tank.  The whole issue was made up by people trying to sell keto pills.

Does Keto Shred Work?

Yes, it does work. It’s a genuine product made by a reputable supplier and has a lot of happy customers.  

You only need to take a look at the reviews for yourself to see that the claims made seem to be confirmed by the buyers.  

Customers claim to: 

  • Have lost significant amounts of weight.
  • Enjoy mental clarity.
  • Feel vibrant 
  • Experience increased energy.  

A significant number of customers said they felt more motivated to do their workouts too. 

However, of course, there are always some poor reviews; the rate of reviews was significantly disproportionate in favour of positive reviews.

Conclusion – Where to buy Keto Shred? Is Keto Shred safe?

If you follow a Keto Diet or are considering it, you’ll be making a great choice by choosing this formula as the keto pill of choice. The ingredients are superior, the brand reputable and transparent, and the customers happy. More importantly, the customers are boasting significant weight loss when using it along with a careful keto diet.  

Our Top Recommended Product: Keto BodyTone

Excellent Product Highly Rated By Customers

  • Burns Fat Fast
  • Surpresses Appetite
  • Builds Lean Muscle

Keto Shred Reviews

4.5 Stars out of 5 Can’t Be Bad

You expect some poor reviews for a keto product. Mostly because there are always some people with unrealistic expectations or who don’t use the product properly.

Though of course there can be some dire products out there too.

Not the case with Keto Shred!

We were surprised at how high the ratings were for this product. We know it’s good but we didn’t expect everybody to feel that way.

The reviews were so good that we couldn’t find a decent bad one!

All in all, it’s the taste that puts people off, but as many of the reviews say – you soon get used to that.

Keto Shred has raving reviews all round…


Was Keto shred on Shark Tank?

No, Keto Shred did not feature on Shark Tank; in fact, no keto products were featured. Instead, dishonest people made this claim to sell keto products.

How To Use Keto Shred?

Keto Shred should be taken thirty minutes before food daily along with exercise and a correct keto diet.

How Safe is Keto Shred?

Keto Shred is safe, but like with anything else, you should follow the instructions and avoid excess.

Is Keto Shred Legit?

Yes, Keto Shred is made by a reputable brand in the USA and is GMP Certified.

What Is Keto Shred Made Of?

Keto Shred contains, BHB Salts known for their keynotes which are important in attaining ketosis. It also contains many other antioxidants, acids and herbs all known for supporting mental clarity, energy, ketosis without the stimulants.

Does Keto Shred Really Work?

Yes, Keto Shred has many ingredients all designed and formulated to help to support you with your keto diet.

Is Keto Shred Healthy?

Keto Shred contains only natural ingredients, so in that sense, it is indeed healthy when used with the correct diet. Keto diets are also healthy according to studies, although just like anything else, it needs to be used in moderation to remain healthy.

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    As a fitness fanatic, I always experiment with various supplements that impacts my body in terms of metabolism and fat loss. Keto Shred is one of the suppliments that I have become a fan of. It boosts metabolism and paves the way towards a healthy body with its organic and vegan ingredient approach. Moreover, the supplement ensure the activeness of your body along with making you live a life that you always dreamed for.

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