Winstrol Review 2020 | Is It Safe and Does It Work?

Winstrol is quite the iconic steroid, which makes it a popular ‘go-to’ and well-known brand of steroids for those seeking to bulk out. But before you take any supplement, it makes sense to research and discover which product is right for you and whether it’s safe. This review sets out to take a look at Winstrol, to determine if it’s safe, effective and worth taking. 

Our research led to some surprising discoveries which we share below. 

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Table of Content

    What is Winstrol?

    Winstrol is an anabolic steroid, which means that its goal is to enhance strength by growing muscle mass. It was a popular product developed in the 1940s by Winthrop Laboratories, so it’s been in action for some time.  

    For many years bodybuilders and athletes have turned to Winstrol to help them improve their bodies. It was one of the most popular resources for them. One of the main reasons why Winstrol is so popular is because the male hormone in men is significantly boosted when using this steroid.  

    The benefits of Winstrol are incredibly high, but as you’ll come to see, so are the risks, which is why this product is now banned. There are other alternatives on the market with the same kind of benefits you see for Winstrol, but that are safe for consumption. Keep on reading to find out all the information you need to know. 

    What Are The Benefits of Winstrol?

    • Muscle Gain

    One of the significant benefits of Winstrol is muscle gain. This is accomplished because Winstrol helps the body to synthesise proteins at a muscular and cellular level. When the person taking Winstrol increases protein intake, it encourages a direct gain in structural and cellular growth of muscles.  

    • Increased Energy and Strength

    When you take Winstrol, it boosts the production of red blood cells which brings more oxygen into the blood and increases stamina and also strength. Oxygenated blood when it reaches the muscles are full of fuel, providing an extra boost of strength.  

    • Reduced Recovery Time

    Because of the high blood oxygen (mentioned above), there is an additional benefit from taking Winstrol, which is a reduced recovery time between exercise times. 

    • Encourages Lean Muscle 

    An additional benefit from the high blood oxygen is that it avoided water retention within the muscle structure, which allows for more muscle build-up and reduced fatty deposits in those areas.  

    • Enhances Motivation and Reduces Stress

    Cortisol is a stress hormone, and Winstrol inhibits the bodies natural activation of this hormone. Which means that you become motivated to exercise, and calm during stress. 

    • Balances Androgenic Characteristics

    We all know that our masculine or feminine hormones can throw us out of balance. Still, Winstrol balances both testosterone and estrogen, which is a great feature in a steroid and does not promote any excessive development of physical features which are commonly associated with both hormones. 

    • Suppresses Female Characteristics

    With many anabolic steroids, they can adjust the bodies chemistry which can lead to the development of estrogen, which is the female hormone, which is a problem because it can lead to a lack of hair and man boobs! Winstrol did not convert into estrogen.  

    • Acts As A Diuretic

    Because other steroids that are not similar to Winstrol encourage estrogen, there is a tendency for those steroids to increase the concentration of sodium in the body, which leads to water retention and a swollen feeling. But because Winstrol and any similar steroids suppress female characteristics, it also acts as a diuretic.  

    How Does Winstrol Work?

    Winstrol works because of an active component present in the product. This component is Stanozolol which is well known for its anabolic prowess.  

    It activates the androgen receptors which bind to androgenic hormones like testosterone and then contributes to the anabolic effect. Which, in turn, helps the body to synthesise proteins and leads to all of the benefits highlighted above.  

    How Long Does It Take For Winstrol To Work?

    The Stanozolol in Winstrol begins to work right away, as soon as you take Winstrol. In general, though, Winstrol tends to go through a cycle of different levels of change that take around six weeks to complete.  

    1. Week 1- You probably won’t notice many changes.
    2. Week 2 – You experience noticeable weight loss. 
    3. Week 3 – Your muscles harden, and you lose more fat.
    4. Week 4 – Veins become visible, and your muscles become leaner
    5. Week 5 – Your strength and performance significantly improve.
    6. Week 6 – Your body is in an optimal state, it bulks, and you see significant results.  

    Note: It’s important to consider that these kind of results were only achievable while taking Winstrol in conjunction with a dedicated diet and rigorous exercise.  

    What Are The Winstrol Side Effects?

    So far, everything seems to be too good to be true, and that’s because it is. Winstrol does create the kind of results highlighted above, however at a very high cost. Which is why this is now a banned steroid because it has lead to death.  

    Some of the common side effects are: 

    Mood Swings and Anxiety Attacks

    Winstrol can change your behaviour. You can experience mood swings, anxiety, depression, and even aggression.

    Plus the symptoms worsen if you decide to withdraw from Winstrol.

    Skin Problems

    From outbreaks of acne to rough, sticky skin that has lost its elasticity. Winstrol has been responsible for them all. 

    Sexual Issues

    Winstrol can damage the reproductive system severely.

    It is also known for reducing sperm count and enhances the chances of impotence, infertility and diminished sex drive.  

    Hair Loss

    Your body can become incapable of producing healthy hair follicles as a result of taking Winstrol, leading to significant hair loss. 

    Damage to The Liver and Liver Cancer

    If some of these side effects weren’t enough, the damage to the liver could be. Winstrol can cause serious liver issues, which, as we’ve already mentioned, can be life-threatening. 

    So you see, the risks associated with taking Winstrol by far outweigh the benefits even if the benefits are highly desirable. 

    What Are The Ingredients of Winstrol?

    Winstrol contains a lot of synthetic chemicals. It also contains natural ingredients such as:

    • Lactose
    • Magnesium
    • Stearate
    • Starch 

    How to Use Winstrol?

    You an adminster Winstrol in two ways.  

    1. By injecting it, which is a safer way to take the steroid when comparing the effects of taking oral pills. You take the injection in the buttock, arm or shoulder. The theory is that because the steroid goes straight into the bloodstream, it is safer for the liver, though we cannot prove this theory.
    2. Pills – which are a common way to take steroids, they are simpler to take but are considered to be more harmful. Users would take one Winstrol tablet per day.  

    How Much Does Winstrol Cost?

    Because Winstrol is now banned and therefore illegal, we do not know how much they would cost. Safer and legal alternatives, however, can cost around $60 – $80 per pack of 60 pills. 

    Where To Buy Winstrol?

    You cannot legally purchase Winstrol because it’s a banned product. Instead, you’ll need to seek an alternative, some of which feature in this review. 

    Winstrol – Does It Work?

    Winstrol does work. It has significant results; however, the dangers of taking Winstrol by far outweigh the benefits. Making the answer to this question not quite as black and white as one would imagine.  

    Is Winstrol Safe?

    Winstrol is not a safe steroid. It is illegal because of the dangers involved with taking this steroid. However, there are legal and safe alternatives to Winstrol.

    These products provide the same benefits as Winstrol but are legal and safe, and an example of one such alternative is Winsol.

    What Is Winsol?

    Winsol is a legal and safe alternative to Winstrol. It’s a powerful anabolic. It’s safe because it contains ‘clinically tested and scientifically approved natural ingredients’ making the product safe and effective.

    All Winsol products are approved by the FDA and do not comprise your health or ability to compete. 

    Winstrol Reviews – What Do The Customers Say?

    We cannot find Winstrol customer reviews because the product is now illegal. However, we would expect to find some reviewers who did not notice the side effects and who did not realise the risks they were taking who would rave about the product.

    There will also be people who are still suffering because they took Winstrol, chances are these people have not reviewed the product, in some cases they probably haven’t made the connection between their ill health and Winstrol.  

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    Winstrol Conclusion – Our Verdict

    Winstrol certainly sounds like it was quite iconic in it’s time both for good and bad reasons. Many people enjoyed the results of this steroid while many others suffered ill health as a result of taking it. It’s now illegal so you’ll need to take an alternative product. Which is not a problem because there are now newer, safer steroids on the market that bring you the same results without any of the risks. It seems as though you really can have it all. 


    Does Winstrol Make Your Hair Fall Out?

    One of the known side effects of Winstrol is hair loss.

    How Long Does it Take For Winstrol To Work?

    Winstrol begins working immediately but you can see the end result within six weeks.

    Can You Buy Winstrol Legally?

    No, Winstrol is now an illegal supplement. There are safe and legal alternatives available though. We’ve linked some in this review.

    Is Winstrol Androgenic?

    Yes, Winstrol is an androgenic steroid.

    Winstrol for Bulking, Was It Successful?

    Winstrol was successful in helping people to bulk. It was one of its primary benefits.

    How many Winstrol Tablets To Take A Day?

    Winstrol pills are taken once per day.

    Winstrol What To Expect?

    Winstrol takes up to six weeks to show results, and they can bring you impressive weight loss; however, you should recognise that with this specific product, you are taking a significant risk to your health. If you want to accomplish the benefits that come with Winstrol, you’ll need to consider a safer alternative. There is a variety currently on the market.

    Where to Buy Winstrol?

    You cannot purchase Winstrol legally. It is a banned steroid. But there are safer alternatives available on the market. We have included a link to one of these products in this review.

    Winstrol Without Exercise, Can You Take It That Way?

    If you chose to take Winstrol, you could take it without exercise, but you wouldn’t achieve the weight loss and muscle definition that is possible.

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    About Dr John

    Dr John Apolzan is a medical professional with over 10 years experience in nutrition holding a PhD in Foods and Nutrition at Purdue University, IN, USA. Dr John is a published medical author and his work has been published on a number of medical publications including BMJ and His clinical research specialises in investigating nutrition-related medical conditions from obesity down to eating disorders like anorexia and bulimia. He has carried out extensive research into how food supplements can enhance and help to sustain weight loss in patients. His passion for nutrition has led Dr John to start this website in order to spread his knowledge and help other individuals in their weight loss journey.