Genbrain Review 2020 | Does It Work or Is It A Scam?

Have you encountered GenBrain in your search for brain enhancement supplements?

Our brains are the most complex body organs. It processes and stores information, and coordinates almost all of the other bodily functions. As we age or due to too much work, our brains might not function so efficiently hence the need for brain enhancement alternatives.genbrain container and labelling

Brain-enhancement is often a topic for debate. You may be wondering if brain-enhancing supplements, such as Genbrain are safe? Or whether Genbrain is an effective supplement for the brain or is Genbrain a Scam?

Genbrain meets your brain’s needs with 8 powerful nootropics and brain-enhancing ingredients that are scientifically-proven to optimize a plethora of cognitive functions.

In this article, we’ll outline the uses and benefits of Genbrain, including scientific research on all Genbrain ingredients found in the product. You’ll also find information on whether it works, it’s pricing and where you can find it.

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    What is Genbrain?

    Genbrain is a highly effective dietary supplement that is made up of the most advanced and well-researched nootropics and special, patented ingredients.

    For most people, brain-enhancing ingredients may sound like a scam, and we get where you’re coming from.

    What’s cool about Genbrain’s patented ingredients is that they work together to synthesize neurotransmitters. What are neurotransmitters? Neurotransmitters are chemical substances that allow your brain cells to communicate with one another.

    Genbrain is free of preservatives, allergens, and gluten. It’s made of natural plant ingredients and best of all, it’s vegan-friendly.

    Genbrain is a long-term brain supplement that positively impacts your memory, cognitive performance, and other biological functions.

    In this Genbrain review, we’ll go over why you should take the supplement and the list of important Genbrain ingredients needed to boost your cognitive health.

    What are the Benefits of Genbrain?

    Genbrain has created a smart formula that doesn’t only improve your cognitive abilities, it’s also risk-free and reliable. It’s an innovative blend of some of the top-performing and robust ingredients that increase the brain’s oxygenation, energy and alpha waves.

    Genbrain bolstering brain power

    Whether you’re already experiencing cognitive decline or want to prevent them, some of the changes you’ll notice after taking Genbrain pills are:

    • Enhanced long-term memory.

    Genbrain is packed with potent ashwagandha that offers unbeatable neuroprotective properties and helps combat stress-related memory problems.

    • Anti-aging benefits.

    Genbrain has an impressive structural impact on the brain. It contains phosphatidylserine — a building block for brain cell membranes.

    • Improvement in performance, focus, and efficiency.

    Genbrain consists of a nutrient called choline that elevates neurotransmitter health. This enhances your multitasking skills, while also boosting your productivity and concentration levels.

    • Enhanced problem-solving skills.

    Genbrain’s ingredients work together to boost brain synapses, neuronal networks, and brain cell communication.

    How Does Genbrain Work? 

    Genbrain is a versatile, reliable and science-backed product that increases your creativity and productivity while keeping mental exhaustion and lack of motivation at bay. It improves your cognitive speed, problem-solving abilities, communication skills, memory, and your overall attention span.

    Genbrain works by performing the following functions:

    • Enhancing neurotransmitter production
    • Improving brain cell communication
    • Strengthening brain cell membranes
    • Offering neuroprotective properties.

    Phosphatidylserine is an example of a powerful nootropic found in Genbrain. It’s a type of fat compound (a phospholipid) that’s naturally found in the brain [1]. Research shows that taking phosphatidylserine can help preserve brain health and reduce age-related cognitive decline.

    Another important ingredient found in Genbrain is Alpha-GPC Choline. Alpha GPC is a natural compound that works synergistically with other nootropics. It works fast and efficiently to deliver choline to the brain, while increasing the production of acetylcholine and cell membrane phospholipids. Therefore, using the ingredient is the best way to quickly increase your focus, information processing, and short-term memory function.

    How to Use Genbrain with simple steps:

    The following section goes through some tips on taking Genbrain for the best possible results. If you’re serious about increasing your cognitive abilities and want to get the most out of your brain-enhancing supplement, we recommend following the given steps.

    Exercise Regularly

    Physical activity is one of the best ways to safeguard your mental performance and improve cognition as you age. In fact, lack of exercise is considered as one of the main risk factors for age-related cognitive decline and other related diseases.

    Regardless of your age, exercises such as running, swimming and cycling increase blood circulation and oxygenation to the brain. The dilation of the blood vessels to the brain also ensures that the nutrients you’re taking in are better delivered to your brain cells. This helps prevent cognitive decline and even depression and anxiety.

    Drink Plenty of Water

    Dehydration can have a major impact on your cognitive performance, affecting the performance of many nootropics. Therefore, be sure to drink at least 2 liters of water every day to enhance the effectiveness of your Genbrain supplement.

    Stick to the Genbrain Dosing Schedule

    Taking too little or too much of a supplement can diminish the product’s efficacy. Genbrain pills should be taken exactly as recommended by the manufacturer.

    Start with 2 Capsules a Day

    Genbrain is a safe and natural blend of brain-enhancing ingredients, so your risk of any side-effects are almost non-existent. Despite the supplement being safe, we recommend starting with 2 capsules per day and working your way up to 4 capsules if you do not experience any negative effects.

    Take 6 Capsules Daily to Boost Cognitive Function

    If you’re experiencing cognitive changes or are looking to prevent age-related cognitive decline, work your way up to 6 capsules every day for best results.

    Take Genbrain Pills Daily

    Genbrain supplements should be taken every day as it is designed to be used as a complete daily brain-enhancing supplement. The ingredients in the product work best when taken for several weeks.

    What are the Ingredients of Genbrain?

    AlphaSize® Alpha-GPC Choline

    This patented choline compound boosts neurotransmitter health and is backed by over 30 clinical studies. Alpha-GPC is without a doubt among the most effective and efficient ways of raising acetylcholine levels of the brain.

    Acetylcholine is the brain’s primary neurotransmitter. Therefore, increasing its levels is one of the best ways to enhance focus, boost short-term memory, elevate information processing and problem-solving skills and improve overall cognitive performance.

    Alpha GPC has other benefits as well — it increases levels of dopamine and calcium, which significantly improve brain function. Alpha GPC also promotes the healthy formation of brain cell membrane phospholipids.

    SerinAid® Phosphatidylserine

    Genbrain’s patented form of phosphatidylserine is a building block of brain cell membranes.

    Phosphatidylserine is a fatty substance that naturally occurs in the brain, also known as a phospholipid. It covers and safeguards your brain cells and carries messages between them.

    Therefore, this ingredient plays a vital role in keeping your memory sharp.

    Studies show that taking 100mg of phosphatidylserine thrice a day could reduce age-related cognitive decline. Furthermore, healthy individuals who took up to 400mg of phosphatidylserine every day showed improved memory and thinking skills.

    Sensoril® Ashwagandha

    This is a powerful form of ashwagandha — an ancient medicinal herb. Ashwagandha is also an adaptogen, which means it helps your body manage stress naturally. The herb also helps lower blood sugar, lower cortisol levels and boost overall brain function.

    Animal studies indicate that ashwagandha may improve brain function and memory issues caused by disease or injury.

    Research also shows that ashwagandha may improve antioxidant activity that combats free radical damage to brain cells. According to one study, rats with epilepsy when treated with ashwagandha showed complete improvement in their spatial memory impairment.

    In another controlled study, a group of healthy men who were given 500mg of ashwagandha extract reported substantial improvements in their task performance and reaction time, compared to individuals who were given a placebo [2]. Another 8-week study showed taking 300mg of ashwagandha extract daily improved their attention, general memory, and task performance.

    Grape Seed Extract

    Grape seed extract (GSE) is a natural dietary supplement derived from grape seeds.

    Grape seeds are loaded with antioxidants, including flavonoids, phenolic acid, anthocyanins and oligomeric proanthocyanidin complexes (OPCs).

    The high antioxidant levels of GSE can help protect the brain and body against oxidative stress, inflammation, and tissue damage.

    According to research, GSE may have a powerful impact against neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease. The combination of the anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties of flavonoids helps delay the onset of neurodegenerative illness.

    Another vital component of GSE is gallic acid. Gallic acid has been shown to diminish the formation of fibrils caused by beta-amyloid peptides. Presence of beta-amyloid protein clusters in the brain is characteristic of Alzheimer’s disease.

    Studies also show that GSE may improve cognitive function, elevate antioxidant levels in the brain, prevent memory loss and reduce brain lesions.

    One 12-week study carried out with 111 healthy older individuals found that 150mg of GSE supplements every day improved language skills, attention and immediate and delayed memory.


    Gastrodin is a root extract derived from the exotic orchid, Gastrodia elata. It has been used in Chinese medicine for thousands of years to treat a wide range of cognitive issues, ranging from headaches and vertigo to seizures and paralysis.

    Today, scientists classify gastrodin as a broad-spectrum brain shield. Gastrodin helps protect the brain against age-related degeneration, keeping the brain healthy and performing optimally.

    Gastrodin has been shown to have powerful regenerative properties, including rebalancing neurotransmitters, reducing memory loss, increasing blood flow to the brain, protecting the brain against stroke and reducing the risk of Parkinsons and Alzheimer’s disease.

    Blueberry Fruit

    Blueberries are among the most popular superfoods in the world. In addition to being a delicious and healthy, blueberries are also known to promote motor skill function, memory and cognitive functioning.

    Oxidative stress is notorious for accelerating the aging of the brain, which in turn, affects your overall brain function. Studies show that the antioxidants in blueberries may impact areas of the brain that are important for intelligence and enhanced cognitive function.

    Blueberries have a positive effect on aging neurons, resulting in improvements in cell-to-cell communication in the brain.

    According to one study, nine older individuals with mild cognitive impairment showed improvement in numerous markers of brain function after being given blueberry juice every day for 12 weeks.

    Another study with over 16,000 older adults showed that blueberries and strawberries were associated with a decline in mental aging by up to 2.5 years.

    Hops Flower Extract

    Derived from the hops plant, this herb extract helps protect the brain against oxidative damage associated with neurodegenerative diseases.

    Studies show a chemical called Xanthohumol (Xn) found in hops may be responsible for the herb’s brain-protecting properties against Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease. Xn has been previously shown to prevent viruses, obesity, and cancer. However, newer studies indicate the possibility of hops being used to fight neurodegenerative disorders.

    According to research published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, Xn reduced oxidative damage to brain cells of rats. Oxidative damage is a process that is commonly linked to degenerative diseases.

    Rosemary Herb Extract

    Derived from rosemary leaves, rosemary herb extract is packed with antioxidants that protect the brain and body from inflammation and oxidative damage. The anti-inflammatory and antioxidant activity of rosemary extract are significantly linked to its polyphenolic compounds, carnosic acid, and rosmarinic acid.

    Rosemary has been repeatedly associated with improved mood and memory. According to one study, taking 500mg of rosemary twice every day for one month improved memory, sleep quality and anxiety levels in college students, compared to a placebo. Another study showed that taking rosemary every day caused participants to feel less burnt out at their jobs.

    Rosemary extract may also improve your mood by enhancing a healthy balance of gut bacteria in your body. It also reduces inflammation in the hippocampus — the region of the brain associated with learning, memory, and emotions.

    How much Does Genbrain Cost?

    The price of one bottle of Genbrain supplements is only $49. If you buy two bottles of Genbrain, each bottle will cost you only $33.

    Genbrain Side Effects 

    Although Genbrain is a blend of 100% natural ingredients, some ingredients in the product may cause mild, but temporary side effects.

    Side effects may include allergic reactions, which often go away rapidly. Some possible side effects of certain nootropics in general include, insomnia, headache, increased blood pressure, stomach ache, and skin allergies.

    Genbrain Reviews – What do customers say?


    “ I ordered three bottles and I’m almost through the first. I take 3 a day and really do feel better – more focused. I have been under great stress and was losing focus and was very concerned. I’m only 58 and I’m considering going on auto-ship.”

    Melissa Josselson, N.D

    When my older patients tell me they feel forgetful, I tell them about Genbrain. The ingredients have been proven to improve memory as well as concentration and focus. It’s also helpful for stress-related memory concerns.”

    Conclusion – Where to Buy Genbrain 

    Genbrain can be purchased from the official website of the manufacturer.

    Genbrain may also be available with a few retailers, however, we recommend purchasing the supplement from the official website of the manufacturer. This will prevent you from being cheated with duplicated or poorer quality copes. Note that using a duplicate product that hasn’t been tested may lead to serious side effects.

    Can Females also Use GenBrain?

    Yes, the brain supplement is for both male and females

    Is GenBrain Safe for Use?

    The ingredients used in the manufacture of GenBrain is 100% natural and, therefore, the side effects are mild and temporary.

    Can I Purchase GenBrain from Brick and Motor stores?

    It’s highly advisable to purchase GenBrain from the website of the manufacturer.

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      I was a dull student and life was a mess.I was bullied at my university. I tried several pills and supplements including natural treatments as well but of no use. GenBrain was recommended by my professor and it really improved the focus and efficiency level of my brain. This helped me a lot in enhancing my long term memory as well. Thank God there are some supplements like these.

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      My grandchildren taunted me for months that I don’t remember things and I kept arguing with them. But the fact is, yes I did forget things and as soon as I realized, I started searching for the right supplement. Only then I found GenBrain that is excellent when it comes to improving the aging effect on our health and improving memory. This is magic.

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