Keto Fire Review 2020 | Is it Safe?

What is Keto Fire (Ketone Activator) and how effective is it as a weight-loss supplement?

In their search for reliable weight loss products most individuals now have their sights set on Keto. Keto Fire: Ketone Activator is presented as one of the best and most effective keto diet products, but does it work?

Is it as effective as advertised or is it just another case of good branding and perfect marketing? Find out in our Keto Fire review,  by breaking down the product and analyzing its ingredients, how it works and we also go over its pros and cons.

We also sought expert help in understating the possible interactions Keto Fire may have in our bodies (side effects) and looked at how these can be addressed. This Keto Fire Review also covers the cost of these weight loss pills and uncovers different positive and negative reviews from various Keto Fire users before making our final verdict on the usability and effectiveness of the ketone activator.

We start by understanding what Keto Fire: Ketone Activator really is.

Note: Keto Fire is a weight loss accelerator that is packed with BHB salts and several other organic products. This compound will not only help with weight loss but will also boost both your focus and energy.

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    Is Keto Fire Safe?

    According to Ancient Nutrition, the producers and promoters of Keto Fire pills, the product is a dietary supplement that is specially designed to kick start the ketosis process.

    It is available in pill form and can be used individually or as a complement to the Keto (low-carb) diet.

    Like any other Keto derivative, Keto Fire is ideally designed to help get you to lose weight by getting your body into the state of Ketosis. This refers to the shift from reliance on glucose as the primary source of energy for the body and the breakdown of body fats for energy production.

    Just like the name suggests, the Ketone activator is responsible for accelerating this shift and getting the body into the fat-burning zone in a fast and smooth manner.

    Ketosis is a naturally occurring process where the body resorts to fat-burning as a source of energy in case of insufficient glucose levels in the body. This will occur if you self-starve or during periods of intense workouts. Keto Fire is, however, designed to help induce ketosis without the need to self-starve or intense workouts.

    What are the pros and cons of Keto Fire?
    The Pros
    • It activates ketosis effectively initiating the weight-loss period and boosting energy levels
    • Helps reduce brain fatigue effectively improving cognitive functions and enhancing mental focus
    • Keto Fire has also been associated with increased athletic performance
    • Keto Fire is also said to improve joint comfort and flexibility
    • Keto Fire is also closely associated with increased metabolism
    The Cons
    • Keto Fire has sodium as its chief ingredient that is often associated with cases of high blood pressure
    • The product providers have a history of fraudulent medical dealings and misrepresentation of facts
    • Keto fire has been reported to pose serious negative side effects as sleeplessness, digestive problems, and nausea

    What are the Keto Fire ingredients?

    ☑️BCB Salts: Keto Fire features a host of BB salts that provide the body with much-needed electrolytes key for optimal cell and organ functions. By cutting down on carb intake, you also will be cutting down on mineral and intakes and these BHB salts come in handy in providing you the necessary replenishment. Key salts included here include Magnesium, Calcium, Potassium, and sodium.

    ☑️Organic coffee cherry extract: Keto Fire also contains as much as mg of caffeine derived from the coffee cherries. Note that while medical research indicates that Caffeine has no direct impact on your weight loss and weight maintenance, caffeine comes in handy in giving you an energy boost that is key to dealing with the fatigue and increasing mental focus.

    ☑️Bone broth: Chicken bone soup has over time acquired the title “Superfood” because it is believed to contain a large base of electrolytes responsible for fighting flu-symptoms.

    ☑️MCTs: Medium Chain Triglycerides refers to the healthy fatty acids that also form part of the Keto Fire weight-loss compound. These are also referred to as exogenous ketones and provide the body with a ready source of energy during the transition to burning what is referred to as endogenous ketones.

    Other ingredients making up Keto Fire, according to Dr. Axe and Jordan Rubin, include Bentonite clay, Gingerroot extract, Long pepper fruit extract, apple fruit extract, Ancient peat mineral extract, Colloidal silver, Fermented organic black pepper, and Fermented organic reishi mushroom mycelium.

    We, however, aren’t able to obtain the exact proportions of the different products making up the Keto fire pills and we consider this proprietary information.

    Keto Fire How To Use:

    Keto fire pills are available in a bottled pack of 180 capsules. A weight-loss seeking adult is advised to take 2 pills 3 times a day with an 8-ounce glass of water.

    Given that the Keto fire pills should serve as complements to your Keto diet or exercises, you are advised to take the pills about 20 to 30 minutes before meals of exercises – to allow time for digestion and intake into the bloodstream.

    Where Can I Buy Keto Fire?

    The weight-loss craze has seen several self-proclaimed experts seek to cash in on popular products by listing for sale on their blogs and website. They, however, either don’t have the genuine product or don’t have any product at all and are only using the listing as a bait to trap in unsuspecting and desperate individuals. That’s why we always urge our readers to only make their online order from the product promoters website or verified and highly reputable online stores. For Keto Fire consider such sites as:

    On Amazon, the 180-pill bottle costs $90 + shipping fee. This should be enough to last anyone 30 days if they stick to the recommended 2 pills 3 times a day dosage. Note that purchases on these sites are open to the 30-day money-back guarantee.

    Who Can Use Keto Fire?

    According to Keto Fire co-founders, virtually any adult looking for an effective and fast weight loss activator can use the Ketone Activator. They further add that the activator is primarily made of a low-carb, high fat, and moderate protein compounds that serve to accelerate ketone production.

    They also add that there is more to Keto Fire than just weight loss. Axe markets it as suitable for busy executives, athletes, students and anyone in between looking for a boost in both mental and muscle power. Plus it is available into both the original and caffeine-free options for individuals who are sensitive to caffeinated products.

    Pregnant and lactating women are however discouraged from using Keto Fire. Similarly, individuals with a history of cardiac ailments or high blood pressure are also discouraged from using Keto Fire. If you are on any medication or dietary restriction, you will also want to consult a physician before using Keto Fire. The latter is premised on the fact that Keto Fire cases significant changes to your metabolism which directly affect your body’s uptake of other drugs and dietary restrictions.

    Keto Fire Side Effects:

    ☑️Cardiac problems: High levels of caffeine are associated with raised heart rates while the high-fat concentrations lead to high cholesterol levels. Both of these pose significant stress to your heart that poses a risk to your cardiac system.

    ☑️Digestive problems: By eliminating carbs in your diet, you are essentially taking away fiber, which is associated with several digestive problems. Some of the most common include bloated stomach and constipation.

    ☑️Liver complications: A recent study by WebMD found that some of the ingredients making up Keto Fire-Ketone Activator have adverse effects on your body. Reishi mushroom, for instance, has been found to have adverse effects on your liver. The mushroom has been associated with toxic effects on the liver if used for more than a month. The study further lists other side effects of Reishi mushroom as nasal, mouth, and throat dryness, itchiness, bloody stool, and even nose bleeding.

    Irritability and loose emotions: Keto Fire has also been associated with unbalanced emotions that that lean towards irritability.

    If You Have Any Keto Fire Side Effects:

    ☑️Take in a lot of water: While fat burning, Ketosis will also break down much of the body water that needs to be replenished as fast as possible. But there is more to consuming plenty of water than just replenishing the body. Note that taking in more water helps keep you full and away from cravings.

    ☑️Take in fiber-rich foods: There exist numerous low-carb and fiber-rich foods. These include raspberries, nuts, seeds, and some vegetables.

    Keto Fire Shark Tank – Is This True?

    There has been a lot of attention on shark tank keto pills, this is due to a keto product being featured and securing a huge shark tank investment! The biggest in the show’s history. Because of this, keto shark tank is now a popular topic! Keto Fire didn’t specifically feature however.

    Keto Fire Reviews – Good and Bad

    There are numerous positive reviews online hailing the effectiveness of Keto Fire as a weight loss product. You will, however, notice that most of these reviewers mention used the acclaimed ketone activator alongside physical exercises or the keto diet.

    One such reviewer talks about avoiding Keto Fire as they were “worried about the side effects” they would later on – upon purchasing the product – be surprised that they didn’t experience any side effects. The general feeling is that Keto Fire keeps you on track with your weight loss and even cheating once in a while with carbs or missing a dosage doesn’t have severe impacts on your weight loss progress.

    There nevertheless are other individuals who haven’t had a positive experience with Keto Fire. One such reviewer argues that they weren’t heading anywhere with the product. And when they sought to return the pills, they were denied the money back. This goes against the company’s risk-free claim that they will “happily refund your order within 30 days of purchase” if you are not satisfied with it.


    As more and more individuals turn to keto supplements as their preferred weight loss products, more ‘experts’ continue cropping up and coming up with ‘effective’ Keto compounds. This makes it hard for an individual to differentiate between effective and ineffective products. Keto Fire, however, stands out for its effectiveness as a weight-loss accelerator primarily due to its rich concentration of natural weight loss products as well as its less invasive negative effects.

    Our verdict? We will use and recommend the use of Keto Fire because its benefits outweigh its demerits. In arriving at this conclusion, we look at not just the numerous positive reviews but also the largely wholly organic composition of the weight loss product.

    Our Recommended Product: Keto Fire

    Highly Rated By Customers

    • Activates Ketosis
    • Increases Metabolism
    • Boosts Performance


    What is Keto Fire?

    Keto Fire - also referred to as Ketone activator - is a dietary supplement that is aimed at helping accelerate weight loss by activating ketosis. It is made up of exogenous ketones (BCB salts), chicken bone broth, and fatty acids, each of which plays a key role in helping activate ketosis and boosting mental clarity.

    What Are The Keto Fire Side Effects?

    Some of the most common side effects of using Keto Fire include sleeplessness, increased heartbeats, and other cardiac complications. Research also shows that continued use of Keto Fire may also contribute to Liver complications that are primarily caused by reishi mushroom.

    Why do you need the BHB salts in Keto compounds?

    BHB salts are often referred to as exogenous ketones and come in handy as an extra source of energy while the body readies for the transition from glucose to fat burning as a source of energy.

    Who can use Keto Fire?

    Keto Fire can be used by virtually anyone looking to lose weight save for lactating mothers, individuals that have a history of heart problems and anyone else on medication or special diet.

    Should you buy Keto Fire?

    Yes, you should buy Keto fire if you wish to accelerate your weight loss journey.


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    1. Fanny

      We have a family problem of metabolism and it basically runs in our genes. Because of it, we have weight gain, low energy levels, and so many other effects that are caused when there is a problem with metabolism. Keto Fire was recommended by my dietician and really, it helped in boosting my performance and metabolism, that too within days. This is something worth a try for all of the people looking to work on their metabolism.

    2. Alexa

      My energy level was really low since last march and I was worried about my health. Keto Fire was gifted to me by my brother who is into weight lifting and stuff. This product has improved my metabolism rate that eventually had positive effects on my body overall. Despite it being Keto based, I never felt like losing weight fast or any other negative aspect of it.

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