Survival Foods with Long Shelf Life

Survival Foods with Long Shelf Life

If you’re trying to make a survival stockpile, you clearly wish to understand the simplest survival foods that may last the longest AND you’d be OK ingestion for the long run.
Of course, it’s not simply which of them you choose; you furthermore mght want the correct containers, keep them at the correct temperature and you wish to shield them from pests and looters. The food storage enemies are mentioned in another article, except for currently i need to specialize in the highest non-perishable foods you’ll be able to stockpile. There’re no but thirty seven of them to settle on from (and I’ll most likely add a lot of over time).

The selection criteria are:

shelf life
nutritional worth
Not all of them meet all the factors however I’m assured that this list is can offer you many choices therefore you’ll be able to have selection in your stockpile. If you continue it, you won’t got to explore alternative|the other} lists (unless you or your idolized ones have allergies or other medical conditions – positively one thing to be anxious about).

So let’s start with another one among my lists!

Water isn’t food however it’s important for your stockpile. If you’ve got three months’ price of food however solely a week’s price of water, you won’t survive for months on finish unless you discover alternate water sources.

Canned Foods
Well, did you expect the rest at the highest of the list? food product is nice for variety of reasons: it’s a solid time period (when properly stored) and it doesn’t got to be cooked; you only open it and eat it.

Tip: don’t forget to stockpile a tin opener as well!

What food must you get? Any kind, as long because it encompasses a long time period and you and your family would eat it. Rule #1 is to continually stockpile the foods you really eat, not those you examine on some prepping web log that ar the webmaster’s favorites, not yours.

That being aforesaid, you’ll be able to get a large style of food product, including: tomatoes, cucumbers, cauliflower, relishes, fruits, chestnuts, anchovies, corn beef, soup, spam, beef, chicken, potatoes, onions, ham and even alimentary paste and meatballs.

The time period of those foods varies however once they’ve been properly canned, you’ll be able to expect them to still be delicious once three years (a ton a lot of in some cases). Spam, as an example, is claimed to possess AN INFINITE time period, farewell because the will remains intact, the sole issue distinction you’ll notice after you open it’d be a distinction in style. And there is an another option about the super foods, the lost ways 2 is a book about the lost Survival Foods, you can find too many things with this book.

Dried Beans, most likely the foremost Common Prepper Food selection (and permanently Reason)
Pretty much any reasonably beans you’ll be able to get your hands on can do: black beans, pinto, urinary organ beans, etc.

Beans can last a minimum of some years (pinto beans typically last the longest). There ar loads of estimations out there that vary from a handful of years to 30+ years however the important issue is to understand the way to maximize this. To do that, you wish to store them during a cool, dark, dry place and, if doable, in vacuum packing.

Even if they won’t last you thirty years, you’re still aiming to eat them long before that after you rotate your stockpile (something each prepper ought to do).

The other vital issue with beans is that if you don’t store them properly, they could be robust to cook after you finally plan to eat them. You’ll most likely want a autoclave to try and do this. however if you just follow the 2 storage rules on top of, you shouldn’t have this downside.

White Rice
A lot of parents suggest rice as a result of it’s a lot of vitamins, minerals and a extended absorption rate, which means it’ll offer you a gentle flow of energy for a extended amount of your time. however small indefinite quantity rice is healthier for survival for one reason: it’s a extended shelf-life.

White rice lasts for a minimum of four years whereas rice won’t last for over one (because the oils in brown merely oxidize faster). therefore stockpile rice unless, of course, your family enjoys brown and you eat it usually enough to perpetually rotate your offer.


Store alimentary paste the quaint method (in plastic baggage with atomic number 8 absorbers) and you’ll be able to expect it to last for fifteen years. That’s over enough, considering you’ll eat it much more usually. The trick is to continually consume from the bag that’s nighest to the expiration date.

Again, keep it dry, cool and faraway from pests. One different issue you ought to with is keep it within the Deepfreeze for 4-5 days before you really store it to form certain you kill any larvae eggs within. If you don’t try this, once some weeks, you would possibly get up with very little black bugs inside…

Dried Hazelnuts
Nuts ar a really smart supply of macromolecule and healthy fats. the explanation i like to recommend hazelnuts is as a result of they need the longest time period, of around two years (source). Of course, you’d have to be compelled to store them at freeze temperature (32F or 0C).

Whole Grains
You should stockpile on whole grains rather than flour for a really smart reason: flour doesn’t last over a year. In fact, its time period is nearer to six months, therefore plow ahead and store whole wheat, rye, barley, etc.

As a general rule, you would like to store the ingredients of one thing rather than the processed/final manufacture for optimum time period. as an example, it’s far better to store cocoa than chocolate as a result of one last for two years whereas the latter lasts but one.

Caveat: if you’re gonna store whole grains, you’re conjointly gonna want a grinder. one thing you would possibly not realize post-collapse with all the stores being closed and everything.

We are suggest always organic survival foods!

Fine-grained (Dry) Milk
This is another smart macromolecule supply however it’s an enormous advantage over different foods like grains and mushrooms: it’s a whole macromolecule, which means it’s all the essential amino-acids that your body cannot manufacture on its own however it wants so as to properly regenerate muscle (among different things).

I’m not speech communication incomplete macromolecule is unhealthy however complete macromolecule is healthier, and milk has it.

Honey may be a FANTASTIC food to stockpile not only for doomsday except for each day. it’s a just about unlimited time period and may offer you all the energy you’ll want throughout and post-collapse. Plus, it’s varied different uses, together with medicative ones.

Smooth/Crunchy spread
Peanut butter is one more nutrient that may last 10+ years, however there ar some conditions that have to be compelled to be met 1st. Besides storing it during a – you guessed it – cool, dark place, you furthermore mght got to confirm you get a top quality whole. Jif, Skippy and Aldi ar all nice selections.

To make certain the jar is safe to eat after you open it, ensure it’s still creamy and soft which the colour hasn’t darkened.

element Salt
Salt is crucial for the anatomy and, though loads of foods have it, it’s a decent plan to possess a offer of element salt stashed away somewhere. It’ll build your food style higher, too.

You can store it in plastic baggage however don’t use O2 absorbers.

Salt can last forever as a result of most bacterium and fungi cannot survive during a salty atmosphere. Let’s not forget we have a tendency to use it to preserve different foods like meat.

Just like salt, store it in plastic baggage and skip atomic number 8 absorbers. The time period is claimed to be indefinite.

Freeze-Dried Fruits and Veggies
Freeze dried foods ar good for bulge baggage as a result of they’re light-weight. the thought behind this is often to get rid of each trace of water. so as to consume them, one would want adequate amounts of water to restructure the the particular foods. Keep that in mind as you’re bugging out, as a result of drinkable water could also be a difficulty.

Cocoa powder encompasses a time period of a minimum of two years, and you’ll be able to build loads over home-baked chocolate from it. suppose brownies, cookies, fudge, chocolate shakes and on and on. You’re far better off storage powder than actual chocolate from a shelf-life perspective.

Pink Salmon
Why PINK salmon? as a result of it’s one among the simplest shelf live of all canned fish foods, somewhere around half-dozen years. this is often the explanation I didn’t simply list in along side the opposite canned foods. Of course, this solely applies if you don’t open the will and store it in correct conditions (in a cool, dark place). If you open it, it’s best to eat it within the following 2-3 days and continually detain within the Deepfreeze till you end it.

It’s cheap, too, you’ll be able to get a 12-pack for $33 from Amazon

vegetable oil
The oils with the longest time period are also those that are the foremost wide used for cooking: helianthus, coconut and extra-virgin vegetable oil. A secondary use for vegetable oil is that you just will use it as AN emergency lighting.

Survival Foods with Long Shelf Life
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